The most renowned book for IIT JEE physics in current time is H C Verma’s two books on Concept of Physics.
It is since last 12-14 Years the best seller in the market. H C V concepts of physics first to filled the gap of a book of theory plus problems for iitjee aspirants.

Sanjeev Gupta iit physics from JPNP were best for problems. A K Singh problems in Physics had a good market but now disappeared.

Resnick Halliday (old edition that was available in two parts) was known to best for theory. This two part are not available now a days.
I am lucky that I have old edition two books that have very good problems as compared to new versions of book.
See more in our post on Resnick Halliday Physics.

Irodov problems in general physics a great book for problems. I E Irodov also come with theory books in parts as well.

Now let us discuss about HCV concepts of Physics. These books has very good theory with derivations physics formulae with concepts.

A good theory book on with problem in physics was required in Indian market although Resnick Halliday was there but demand was for Indian writer.
So this book came and got great market, it has many types of problems numerical, theoretical both types.
A very good thing of these books was that it had no answer related error or other conceptual errors and was first Indian writer did this, not typing errors as well.
D. C. Pandey & Narendra Patidar has also absolutely clean works in Physics. No other Indian Book or study material is so clean at all in physics at least.

Let us discuss the level and utility of problems in the HC Verma’s books. Concepts of Physics by H C Verma has designed problems like some other books.

Level of problems are higher or equal to iit jee level but a very bad thing that I see that problems in the book are not very clear understandable to student due to its English grammar. O yes the language of problem is kept so that student makes the mistake to understand what is being asked or what is to apply. Even if you are from very good English medium school and read Ren and Martine grammar book you will make several mistakes.
That is not a problem of English language but the problem of physics expressed in the way to keep number of words as least as possible.

If you see problems in past iit jee papers you can notice that it is very clean and explains every thing about the situation.
A good studemt do not need to read the problem twice.
In Concepts of Physics by H C Verma one needs to read problems very carefully and at least two times to understand it properly.

That is all about H C Verma’s Books concepts of physics.
Auther iit jee master