This section of iit jee chemistry videos will help you in quite many ways,

  • It will help you get an insight of the JEE mains and advanced paper.
  • You can solve questions at a faster pace.
  • You can find yourself at a better place when you solve 10-12 question papers.
  • And last but not the least, practise makes a man perfect.

And thus solving or rather say practising the questions in the question paper will help you a lot.

These methods will also the best out of you as we have shared as many tricks as possible which will help you solve the iit jee chemistry question paper in such a way that you don’t waste much time in solving the paper. As the JEE mains and advanced chemistry paper is all about how much time you utilise in solving one question. According to surveys done, one who spends less than two minutes for each question tend to find themselves in a much better and peaceful position?

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get the entire version.

In this section IIT JEE chemistry videos we have discussed iit jee chemistry paper solution videos. We have discussed many past question papers along with paper solutions video lectures in this section. So why does one need to refer this section?

Solving past papers will give you an insight of what kind of questions will occur in the question paper. One can solve a million questions, but still not solve the questions that come up in the JEE paper. This is for the very fact that they don’t know the patter of questions that come up in the question paper.

In this section we have discussed the following topics,

  1. Solid state numerical problem
  2. IIT JEE main organic chemistry problem
  3. Short trick redox reaction
  4. Bio molecules IIT JEE problems
  5. IIT JEE advance chemistry problems
  6. Gaseous state of matter
  7. Coordination chemistry video lectures
  8. Ionic equilibrium and much more

One of the major reasons why we came up with this section is because it helps you as students in ways that normally solving questions can help.

  1. It helps in improving time management skills.
  2. It checks the level of preparedness
  3. Eliminates the fear of exam by killing anxiety.
  4. It somehow will boost your confidence.
  5. Helps in building speed and accuracy.