In this section, we have discussed IIT JEE Maths paper solution videos. This special section will definitely help you in quite many ways. Over the years, the IIT JEE papers have had a drastic change in the pattern of questions that are being asked. Which makes it you as an IIT JEE aspirant to solve more and more question papers as possible.

But many of the students feel that maybe solving the paper is a time waste as they have a misconception that the questions don’t repeat over the years. But dear students let me clear this misconception that you are carrying for such a long time. There is a high probability that at least 30 – 40% of the questions that appear in your IIT JEE mains paper have been asked earlier. So why waste your chance in scoring full marks for them?

In this jee maths video lectures, we have discussed questions based on iit jee maths topic like,

  1. Inverse trigonometric function
  2. Trigonometric ratio
  3. Matrices
  4. 3-D geometry problems
  5. Differentiation
  6. Vectors
  7. Domain range function
  8. Binomial theorem
  9. Ellipse hyperbola
  10. Lines

In jee maths videos, we have not only listed out the solutions to some of the important or frequently repeated questions but also provided you with easier solutions.  One thing about a problem is that it can be solved in many ways. Some ways can seem easy for some while the same the can be hard as hell for the others. So why does this fluctuation happen? Be it any reason, all we as student need to do is find that very way which can help a problem seem easy.

For this one of the very first things that you need to do this understands the base on jee maths concept. Once you are done with understanding the base with iitjee mains maths video lectures you can go on to solving the very basic or NCERT problems. After which you can go for solving the higher or IIT JEE level problems. The last step of this process is solving the IIT JEE past question papers.

If you as a student are determined for your aim, then we are determined to help you achieve your aim. We have tricks which will help you understand the topic well in a short period of time and will also help you solve the question quickly.