The iit jee master proudly presents series of complete video lectures on Chemistry for the students preparing for iit jee 2018-2019. Chemistry is easy and fun to learn. If it seems difficult for you, we are here to help you. Without any hesitation, please go through our jee chemistry video library which can help you. Never miss such an opportunity to get a free online assessment of content before making the decision to purchase ordinary video lectures.

Here we have some demos for you to judge the content of lectures for iit jee. The part one lecture is comprised of three Chemistry video lectures for iit jee containing Factors effecting chemical equilibrium-Le Chateliar principle, Group 13 elements (Boron Family) comparative study and states of matter- Vander Waals equation. The examples are with different hypothetical chemical reactions like wisely, proving pressure changes due to change in volume with Le Chateliar principle and Comparative study of boron Family shows all stable and unstable elements along with their inert pair effects.

Chemistry part two lecture has four iit chemistry video lectures which are:

  • IUPAC nomenclature used especially for organic chemicals.
  • Rearrangement reactions of alkyl carbocation- Alkyl halides
  • Surface Chemistry comparison between Physysorption and chemisorption
  • Chemistry of nonmetals including Oxides
  • Halides and Carbides. This part mainly has examples with compounds having Vander Waals forces and chemical bond formation of covalent forms

Chemistry video lecture library part third has four video lectures of iit jee mains Chemistry, helping students with different topics mainly focusing on: Quantum theory of covalent bond, Metallurgy – self reduction method (copper and lead), Chemical Equilibrium and Alcohols and Phenols (Reimer-Tie men reaction). The example of Chemical equilibrium also shows the reversible chemical reactions helping chemistry students to understand how chemical bonds can break and the backward reaction takes place. This also helps understanding rate of backward and forward chemical reaction.

The fourth and final part of this Chemistry session is about advance chemistry and includes a lecture about:

  • Hydrocarbons – preparation
  • Properties and reactions of alkenes and alkynes
  • Occurrence and extraction
  • Alkyl halides and rearrangement reactions of alkyl carbocation and
  • The last iitjee chemistry video lectures are Nitrogen-containing organic compounds and on basicity of Aliphatic Amines. Extraction of Calcium Ca and Magnesium Mg is also a part of the Occurrence and Extraction topic.

Although these lectures are not full and do not include many chapters. Still, these chemistry video lectures can give the best idea of iit jee coaching of a top teacher. Do not hesitate to ask for more videos. Any decision made in hurry can waste hole career.  If you do not have a PC just click the bottom link to install the app that will show you entire iit jee lecture course in mobile. It has about 800 plus lectures clips to help you crack iitjee mains.

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