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This IIT JEE mater maths videos section is a special section and thus is called the master maths video library. Here we have the list of the maths videos that are required for you as a student to clear the IIT JEE exams. Maths is something that most students fear. Go anywhere, there will be at least 6 out of 10 students who are going to tell you that they hate maths or have math – o – phobia. Why do students develop such fear?

The only answer to this question is that they are not clear with the basic topics. When this happens, maths eventually becomes tough. So we tried and surveyed and found out the topics that are usually hard for students and thus created a maths video library.

We have enlisted the following chapters in the order of toughness in this section, A student must refer maths video library for these topic repeatedly until they feel confident.

  • Functions
  • Complex algebra problems
  • Application of derivatives
  • Maxima and Minima
  • Definite integration
  • Continuity and differentiability
  • Derivatives and tangents.
  • Probability
  • Logarithm series
  • Determinants – Cramer’s rule

You must go through full video lectures of maths topics. Here in the maths video library we have included some of good iit jee maths classes.

These iit jee maths videos are quite different from the ordinary maths videos as from other inexperienced teacher. These focus more on the most important topics that are required for IIT JEE exams. So what do we mean here by ‘most important topics?’ We mean nothing but these topics are a little hard to understand and can require a lot of brainstorming and many students may not get it at the first or second go. These topics are confusing and are at the application level and thus require much more attention than the other topics. Thus you as students need to make sure that you have mastered these topics. Maths paper is always lengthy and needs ample practice of problems. So it is better repeat past paper problems again and again.

We have also provided some easy tricks based on concepts and short ways. That will help you understand these not – so – easy – topics of jee maths. This will not only save your time that you could waste brainstorming but also save your time when you are solving similar questions or questions which involve these topics.

So what are you waiting for? Get the best maths videos, tricks and much more at our site.

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