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Basic Concepts of Physics

Video lectures of iit jee physics is arranged in useful manner for students. They can select and watch any video from library.  It is a demand of time to watch every chapter before going to purchase any physics lectures for jee preparation. Every student is not that aware of the fact that most lecture providers shows some thing and sale some thing else. The promise of iit jee physics video lectures can be from 80 hrs to 400 Hrs. This promise made by many sellers of physics videos can be real time fraud. That is why every lecture must be watched before going to pay for physics video lectures for iit jee. The points to check before a final purchase is mentioned below.

  • To see if all chapters are included or not
  • Check the duration of lecture of each chapter
  • Read all topics in lectures is included
  • See it is have any useless facts in videos
  • Check numbers of examples included in lectures
  • Check the type of problems in the physics videos.
  • See if it have any hi fi time wasting questions.
  • Examine the level of problems are understandable or not
  • Check if the library have every type of problems
  • See it if includes problems from past papers
  • It solve NCERT in physics video lectures
  • All exams are included in questions
  • Watch out all lectures are error less or not
  • Weather the physics lectures are to the point
  • If it includes short cut methods based on concepts
  • Covers thumb rule for most concepts
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