Top Ten Important Steps to Prepare for IIT-JEE 2017

With the bells of Boards and IIT-JEE exams ringing briskly, the New Year triggers the enthusiasm and the pace of preparation among the aspirants. Three more months left to finish the IIT JEE Syllabus and of course one also has to revise the entire portion. Thus, a well-planned preparation is utmost essential at this point of time. Following ten essential steps to prepare for both the exams would help in being more focused and organized in your preparation:
1. Self-Confidence: The first and foremost step is to prepare your self and to start believing in your own abilities and strengths. Audrey Hepburn rightly said, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” Believe in yourself. Your confidence and positive attitude will be the key to your success.

It is a misconception that only geeks and nerds manage to crack the IIT-JEE exams. All it needs is sheer hard work and dedication to achieve success, which is possible for an average student too.

2. Identify your Strengths and Weaknesses: To begin with, it is important to know where one stands. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses can actually help to balance concentration on all subjects equally. Individuals vary in their natural potentials. When one finds JEE Physics to be difficult and JEE Mathematics to be easy, the others may say the opposite. Thus, to work out a winning strategy, one must know the strengths that can be edged and the weaknesses that need to be worked upon.

3. Plan and Organize: “He who fails to plan, plans to fail”. Good plans shape good decisions. That is why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true. It is the most important step in the IIT-JEE Preparation. Schedule a time-table that divides time wisely enough to concentrate on all subjects uniformly. Do not forget that along with IIT-JEE exam preparations, Board exams should also be focused on to score well as per the new JEE Exam Pattern. Thus one must keep in mind the following points:

Organize your time into sections and make a time schedule, dividing your day generously for study and relaxation.
Set realistic goals to achieve, preferably on daily basis, that which is not influenced by your friends or classmates.
Try to concentrate on all subjects equally, giving tough topics a little more time.
Follow a schedule that best suits you. Keep time for relaxation and entertain yourself to lessen the stress. Get enough sleep daily.

4. Perfect Study Material: To boost up your confidence and to move a step forward, try to get good IIT JEE Study Materials at your disposal. Specific IIT JEE Books that cover the exam pattern and IIT JEE Syllabus of both the exams must be studied. Questions from previous years’ question banks must be solved.

5. Study Smart & Learn Fast: One should be familiar with the exam patterns and the syllabus. Separate study is not required. Preparation for IIT-JEE would cover up the syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics that of Board exams also. Focus more on understanding the concepts and practice them regularly. Study materials and question banks provide problems that have been appearing in the exams. Practicing these may help students get an idea about the question patterns. This would make the preparation much easier and organized.

6. Accuracy and Persistence: Both Accuracy and Persistence go hand in hand. Along with a better understanding of concepts, which is crucial, one must also stick to the habit of solving problems. Students must try to solve problems by themselves relentlessly, until a solution is found. This would help in significant learning and better conceptualization.

7. Revision: Another very important step is to revise the concepts and re-practice the problems. Now that exams are about to begin, students must start revising the chapters one by one and brush up their basics. Having at least one months’ time for Revision at hand would prove beneficial.

8. Good Mentoring and Guidance: After putting in the best efforts for the IIT-JEE preparations and Boards, students can also take guidance from a good and experienced teacher who can serve as a mentor and help to get familiar with the exam pattern. There are coaching classes, video classes and online coaching available that would also help in preparing well for the JEE Main Exams.

9. Test Where You Stand: It’s better to keep taking test periodically, just to find out your areas of improvement. It is actually an integral step towards better preparation.

10. Persevere: Last but not the least; perseverance is the key to success. One must be diligent and determined being calm and patient.