Top 5 tips to crack JEE Main 2017

IIT-JEE 2017 is less than a year away. Over ten lakh students from across the country are expected to sit for the exam. Until 2012, out of approximately 5 lakh students who appeared for the exam, only 10,000 were given ranks. Since then, around 13 lakh students have appeared for JEE Main and only the top 150,000 have been shortlisted to appear for JEE Advanced. Thereafter, the top 10,000 were given ranks.

These statistics show how fierce the competition really is and if you are not prepared, chances of making it to JEE Advanced are low. Here are a few tips that could help you prepare well for IIT-JEE Main 2017:

1. Get your basics right:

Unless you are confident about all the topics, successfully mastering the successive chapters will be a problem. Thoroughly revise all the chapters and clarify all doubts and queries before proceeding to the next topic. This applies for Physics, Maths and Chemistry.

2. Consistent study:

Consistent study is the key. Attempt regular mock tests and follow a specific study timetable. Have discussions with friends and teachers. Make sure you are thorough with the entire syllabus before you appear for the exam.

3. Requirement of necessary exam resources:

Exam resources include proper academic guidance, necessary subject textbooks, and a disciplined study schedule. Without a guiding figure like a teacher, professor or even your parents, cracking IIT-JEE Main 2014 will be difficult.

4. Speed and accuracy:

Expect IIT-JEE Main 2017 to be lengthy. To be able to handle this, you need to attempt several mock papers and increase your speed and accuracy. Once you solve multiple questions papers, the rhythm will set in, making it simple for you to tackle any paper that comes your way.

5. Eat and sleep well:

Students and parents become so involved in preparing well academically that they tend to forget about the physical and mental preparation required for such an exam. It will be stressful but don’t let the stress get to you. Eat well. Get adequate hours of sleep so that you are fresh the next morning.