In this jee course we are having discussed NCERT chemistry solutions videos. But before we get ahead any further let me tell you something important. Many at times students think solving the NCERT chemistry question is a waste of time but the truth is that if one is perfect with all the NCERT chemistry problems, they can more or less solve the JEE paper easily. NCERT Chemistry problems level is like jee mains. JEE mains paper comes from cbse curriculum hence it is one most important video lectures for jee mains.

This is the major reason why we have created a special section under which one can watch solution videos to the NCERT chemistry problems. Our experienced teacher has tried their level best to ease the method of solving so that you as a student don’t have to brainstorm. It is easy to find the solution in an accurate way to find answers.

Chapters in iit jee chemistry like polymers, alcohols, phenols and ethers, aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids require special attention as they can get more marks with less effort. Our video lectures for ncert books builds better iit jee chemistry course. We have focused on numerical problems that will help to solve jee mains chemistry numerical problems easily.

Only we have done the task to solve entire exercise of the book for our iit jee mains students. These students have best of jee chemistry videos in the country. So here is your opportunity to understand, learn and solve the questions in a way you have never done before. One of the biggest mistake students make is by- hearing chemistry chapters like electro chemistry, equilibrium, coordination chemistry. These chapters are meant to be analytically understood and then solved.

One of the most important things is to solve the ncert questions in such a way that less time is consumed in solving it. Cause most of these competitive exams are based on speed and analytical understanding of the topic.

So we at iitjeemaster are looking forward to making the entire NCERT an easy challenge to accomplish. Our chemistry videos have the easiest, the simplest and the shortest solutions to the problems which will not only help you understand the problem but also make sure you solve the problem quite fast. All this work help student get board exams clear easily and find ample time for iit jee mains exam.

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