The NCERT Physics solution videos are for the students learning for board exams with iitjee mains. All the problems are solved with every conceptual step and numerical steps. The NCERT physics paper solution series comprises of videos of every each problem exercise. These iit jee video tutorials include extra weight age on:

  • Complete review and explaining inertia
  • The complete review explaining Gravitational acceleration and its effects on moving bodies
  • The velocity and change in velocity with respect to gravity are described with the example.
  • The frictional force and drag concept are explained with a real-life example.

A convex lens shows the ray optics phenomenon and Rotational motion is also included. The two-dimensional motion, thermodynamics, alternating current, current electricity, and energy level diagram is explained with pure and best-fit examples. The NCERT book has some high-level problems. Thank god we have a superior teacher for iit jee video and solve every problem. We also like to mention that 4% problems have wrong answers in physics ncert books.

In this free ncert physics solution videos, angular motion, EM wave, sound waves, Newton’s law of cooling, calorimeter, magnetism, and thermodynamics. The three Newton’s law of motions is proved with example and made simple for new students. Both the theorems on the moment of inertia are asked as the problem in ncert books and we have solved it also. The gravitation force and acceleration, heating effect, SHM, unit dimension errors, linear momentum and complete review on work power and energy have made things very simple.

The third part has:

  • Electricity, electrostatics and magnetism problems are solved.

The iit jee physics students can also learn the phenomenon and working of thermodynamics, semiconductors, ray optics, mirror, thermodynamics, gravity, and direction of friction force, thermometry and escape velocity is the last video of this section. The final and fourth part of iitjee videos for ncert portion is about: De Broglie waves and other class 12th modern physics video lectures.