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The physics paper solution series is made of 4 sections with 20 videos in each but the last section has 14 videos. Section 1 has 20 full of tactics videos. These include:

  • Photoelectric effect with Ray optics
  • Refraction, Electrostatics problem
  • Electromagnetic, Rotational motion, Two-dimensional motion
  • Thermodynamics, Energy level diagram.

The concept of projectile motion, thermodynamics, electrostatics dielectrics, circular motion in a vertical space and SHM motion has its own worth of watching. The physics lectures include the shortcuts and tips to solve difficult problems including numerical and objective type questions.

In this no-cost video lecture of physics, Section 2 has:

  • Angular motion, Newton’s law of cooling.
  • Photoelectric effect, Soundwaves

The three newton’s law of motions is proved with example and made simple for new students. The gravitation force and acceleration, Heating effect, rotation motion and simple harmonic motion SHM, unit dimension errors, linear momentum and complete review on work power and energy have made things very simple. Section 3 and 4 includes:

  • Atomic structure, Fluids, X ray
  • Reflection, Waves and oscillation.

The concept of ray optics, surface tension and electricity is also described in good details that the very new students can understand to their caliber. The physics students can also learn the phenomenon and be working on optics lens, current electricity, the capacitor discharging, electrostatics, ray optics, mirror, thermodynamics, gravity and direction of friction force, X-ray, wave optics and escape velocity is the last video of this section. The final videos are about surface tension, thermodynamics, semiconductors and heat transfer.