It contains any one part out 10 parts of IITJEE Master PCM Pack.

Covers IIT JEE main and advanced syllabus for physics , chemistry and maths. It not only gives basic concepts but also elaborates all details of all topics in each subject.

In physics it has theory and basic level solved problems as an extra example to clear the points very well. And NCERT exercise solution are included for physics and chemistry both covering

class 11th and 12th all portions. It is an extra work for students to save time and energy. This an edge for students to get good marks in boards exam as well. Past 35 years iitjee papers solutions are also included along with 11 years aieee papers. It is in video solution so no need to waste precious time in solving difficult problems.

IIT JEE video lectures as included are made by team of experts. Student can opt for any subject or single portion video lectures for iit jee PCM. All the lectures are packed in a software format it runs on windows PC or laptop of any brand. Now it is also available in Android and windows phones. Purchasing any single jee video lectures pack is affordable and easy way to start iit jee preparation with videos. Physics video lectures for jee available as mechanics, heat & thermo , electricity & magnetism and optics and modern physics. Maths lectures for iit jee comes as algebra, calculus and others. chemistry lectures comes as physical, inorganic and organic portions. It gives student a good choice to improve its lagging topic in less time. By using video classes for iitjee any topic can be done in less time than a class room coaching. Along with theory all chapters covers solutions of various papers and exercises. Every part comes in a separate dvd.

License duration 12 or 24 Months.

For a single user single PC.