Product Description

It contains 50 hours full length lectures for demo pack of IITJEE Master PCM. Video lectures for jee physics have 5 chapters, 5 chapters from maths for jee and 5 selected chapters from chemistry video lectures for iit jee. All these chapters are listed below. Other videos included in it are from past paper video solutions and basic level problems in video for various chapters.  It is one of the option for student to check the content before going to adopt full content. Demo lectures for iit jee also provide by other companies as, some provide 2-3 hours videos, some provides 5-6 hrs video classes. No one provides as much as 50 hrs video lectures for iit jee. It is not possible to access the quality in just few hrs of video classes for iit jee. In fact it is possible for others to provide it as they may have various reasons.

Chapter whose theory are included are Periodicity
Atomic Structure
Basic Principles of Chemistry
Halo Alkanes
Limits and continuity
Non Metals Hydrogen Nitrogen etc
Electron, Photon, Photo Electric Effect
Trigonometric ratio
Ray Optics
Simple harmonic motion.

Basic problem from problems electrostatics 1, rotational motion.

IIT JEE solutions of chapters atomic structure, gravitation, function, basic organic chemistry, Chemical equilibrium, optics.

NCERT Solutions Electrostatics capacitance, Coordination chemistry, Thermodynamics solutions.

Student can apply for other chapter video lectures of physics, maths or chemistry for iit jee. For that they have mail us prior to purchase of video lectures for jee mains 2017.

Classes of all chapters are available in dvd or pen drive as executable files. Student can watch these lectures for jee before jee 2017 or 2018. These can be a extra preparation of week topic. License duration 15 days,  30 days or 60 days as par agreed at the time of purchase. As the value lectures for iit jee decided on duration of license.

For a single user single PC.