Full Pack iit jee PCM video lectures contains all 10 parts of our product.

It covers all iit jee video lectures for physics, math and chemistry.

Details of chapters covered can be seen on product page.

Covers IIT JEE main and advanced syllabus for physics , chemistry and maths. It not only gives basic concepts but also elaborates all details of all topics in each subject.

In iit jee physics video lectures it has theory and basic level solved problems as an extra example to clear the points very well. NCERT exercise solution are included for physics and chemistry.

Which covers class 11th and 12th all portions. It is an extra work for students to save time and energy. This an edge for students to get good marks in boards exam as well.

In physics iit jee lecture videos it has solutions of aieee and jee 34 plus yrs. papers.

In Chemistry video lectures for iit jee past 35 years iit jee papers solutions are also included along with 11 years aieee papers. It is in video solution so no need to waste precious time in solving difficult problems.

About 670 hrs HD Video. Which includes 225 yrs theory lecture for iit jee physics, maths and chemistry. About 100 hrs video lectures for ncert solutions. More than 325 hrs video on past jee and eee solution lecture videos for iit jee.

Total content of physics videos for jee mains 2017 are of 265 plus hours. Chemistry jee video lecture content is of 180 hrs , it is smallest because of it’s small syllabus. While maths videos for iit jee in thought in 225 hrs.

Theory of physics lectures are of 86 hrs, maths 65 hrs and chemistry is of about 75 hrs.

License duration 24 Month.

For a single user single PC.