Vectors are the easiest topic to score when you try to understand it practically in a three-dimensional space in Cartesian coordinates. This video covers most of 3D Cartesian coordinates, Vectors and Matrices, Probability and Statistics which are essential in scoring with 100% accuracy in JEE and other engineering entrance examinations. This video comes with 43 hours of High Definition JEE video classes including theory and problem solutions.

The topics detailed in this are

  • Position vector and Unit Vector
  • Magnitude and direction of a vector
  • Null Vector, like vectors, and unlike vectors
  • Standard Basic Vectors and Scalar vectors
  • Dot product and cross product of unit vectors
  • Addition, multiplication, and division by a scalar

The topics covered in probability and statistics are

  • Arithmetic Mean
  • Binomial Distribution
  • Central Limit Theorem
  • Conditional Probability
  • Concepts of Mean, Mode, and Median
  • Poisson distribution
  • Standard Deviation
  • Variance

A study of movement or motion will include the presentation of various of amounts that are utilized to depict the physical world. Cases of such amounts incorporate measurement, relocation, acceleration, speed, force, mass, energy, momentum, work, power, and so on. Every one of these amounts can be separated into two classes – vectors and scalars. A vector amount is which can completely portray by both direction and magnitude. Then again, a scalar amount is something which is completely portrayed by its magnitude. The accentuation of this unit is to see a few basics about vectors and to apply the essentials with a specific end goal to comprehend movement and forces that happen in two dimensions.

Probability and Statistics go together. In simple terms, Probability is calculating odds for any event to occur. Whenever you are unsure about an outcome of any event, you talk about certain possibilities and outcomes. The study of such events is administrated by probability and is called statistics.

The numerical questions on these topics in this iit jee maths video makes it much easier to grasp the basic concept.