In any case Organic Chemistry, it is one of those subjects which will get you profoundly inspired by how things go around you. It covers the study involving scientific study of structure, its properties, the composition, reactions and also its preparation and derivatives. This part of IIT JEE Organic Chemistry lectures contains 52 hours of HD Quality videos. The practice of gaining knowledge from video lectures is more efficient. There are IIT JEE papers and solutions of part 35 years which include AIEEE papers as well.

The video covers

  • IUPAC nomenclature & isomerism of organic compounds,
  • Hydrocarbons, halogen compounds.
  • General or basic organic chemistry & Stereochemistry
  • Alcohol, Phenols, and ether,
  • Aldehyde, Ketones, and other similar compounds,
  • Carboxylic acid, acetic acid, formic acid, and its Derivatives
  • A nitrogen-containing compound known as amines, Biochemistry

Getting to know the syllabus in brief

  • Alkanes- alkyl groups, structural isomerism, conformational analysis, and nomenclature.
  • Molecules Atoms, bonding, nonpolar and polar molecules, arrow form, solubility, intermolecular forces, preliminary ideas of resonance, Lewis structures, acids, and bases.
  • Stereochemistry-chirality, stereoisomerism, R-S notation, enantiomerism, optical resolution.
  • Introduction to orbits, hybridization, molecular orbital description of bonding, the structure of methane.
  • Alkenes- nomenclature, structure and bonding, hydrogenation, E-Z notation, relative stabilities. Alkynes- double and triple bonds in rings, relative stabilities, structure, and bonding.
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy.
  • Alkyl halides, Elimination reactions- E1 and E2 mechanisms, substitution – SN 2 and SN 1 mechanisms.
  • Infrared (IR) spectroscopy.
  • Acids and bases.
  • Additions to alkenes- radiochemistry, mechanism of hydrogen halide additions, carbocation stabilities, resonance effects, addition of other unsymmetrical reagents, dimerization and polymerization of alkenes, hydroboration,

IIT JEE video lessons are made by a team of experts. All the lectures run on Windows PC or any OS. The candidates can opt for a single topic video or the whole package. The rates are quite affordable as compared to classroom coaching.

The license period is twenty-four month months. It has a validity for a PC for a single user only.