It covers the detailed study of IIT JEE Physics Part three Electricity and magnetism. This section comes with 78 Hours of HD Quality videos of the class 12th portion for JEE mains and advanced syllabus exams. It covers all the basic concepts as well as elaborates all the topics with detailed examples and numerical. The quality of understanding in the video is unmatchable and learning has never been so easy.

  • What you will be learning:
  • Electrostatics
  • Capacitance
  • Current electricity
  • Magnetic effect of current (MEC)
  • Electromagnetic Induction (EMI)
  • Alternating current

Clearing Basic Concepts like:

  • How are electric and magnetic fields formed and how they are measured
  • Nature and Uses of electromagnetism in cutting edge electronic devices
  • Concept of Dipoles
  • All laws of electricity and magnetic energy
  • Interdependence of electromagnetism
  • How to measure Electric Potential and its role
  • Basic laws and theorems of conductance, inductance, and capacitance
  • Difference between alternating current and direct current and its conversion
  • Formulae handbook
  • n number of Numerical from previous question papers

Both electricity and magnetism have a deep relation and this video makes it very convincing and crisp. Both are single line forces, having separate phenomena but are interlinked as electromagnetic force. A magnetic field is created by moving electric current and a magnetic force can be induced by the movement of electrons/ electric current.

Electromagnetism is very difficult to understand in non-technical terms. Hence with the help of day to day or real-life examples this video makes it easy to understand the phenomena and existence of both the forces.

Having time constraints, being efficient in solving Numerical is the key ingredient to crack JEE. With the help of this video, it is easier to grasp concepts and fun as compared to classroom lectures. Validity will be same as other packages.