To begin with Mechanics, it is one of those subjects which will get you deeply interested in how things work around you or it can turn the other way round. But understanding Mechanics has never been so easy. This part of IIT JEE Physics lectures contains 70 hours of video with HD Quality. Having iit physics video lessons rather than theoretical classes are proven to be the most efficient way to skilled learning.

This part focusses on the following chapters of Mechanics:

  • Circular motion
  • Centre of mass conservation of linear momentum and collision
  • Theory of friction, Angle of  friction
  • Laws of Gravitation up to satellite
  • Newton’s laws motion and its applications
  • Motion in one dimension, distance displacement etc.
  • Rotational motion with best examples
  • Motion in two dimensions including riverboat problems
  • Unit, dimensions, and errors
  • Vectors and scalars and it’s numerical
  • Work power and energy, spring problems

Mechanics is maybe one of the topics which is to be understood in depth and also holding the longest share in Physics. This alsohelps you learn the basics and fundamentals of the subject. This topic in the video helps you out with the most vital preparations for IIT JEE.

Most of the topics in Mechanics are interdependent. For example, if you don’t understand ‘Newton’s Laws of Motion’, then ‘Friction’ would bounce off your head.

So, one needs to make sure that you have a good hold on the initial chapters, so as to form a concrete basis to handle the heavier ones that follow, for example ‘Rotational Mechanics’. At some point of time you might be contradicting yourself but having a clear idea of all the concepts is what this video is about.

It is the basis for all engineering competitors to begin with Mechanics for their planning to reinforce their basics. Many students spend almost a year or more on captivating and refining the fundamentals of Mechanics, so as to crack JEE and other competitive exams.

This jee physics video lectures gives equal importance to theory as well as numerical. Having analytical knowledge is the key ingredient to crack JEE.

This package is valid for one user on only one PC with a 2 year license.