In this video course of modern physics video lectures for jee, you will get in touch with the foundations and base of modern physics which pose a necessity in surviving and competing with the rough and tumble world of 21st century. This part is about Optics and Modern physics. This contains 59 hours of HD Quality video. You will get to know how light interacts with various mediums and how with the help of the smallest particle the atom, nuclear physics is being used today. This course will make you curious about thinking everything around you very conceptually and open minded.

This video covers the following topics

  • Ray optics, mirrors, magnification(Reflection)
  • Ray optics, lens, linear and magnification (Refraction through the plane surface)
  • Refraction by prism and rainbow
  • Optical Instruments, microscope, and telescope
  • Wave Optics, Young’s experiment
  • Photons & photoelectric effect
  • X-Rays, hard and soft X-Ray.
  • Bohr’s model of the hydrogen and similar atoms
  • The nucleus and nucleons
  • Semiconductor & Semiconductor Devices like diode and transistor

It is completely tailored for students, preparing for Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). The theory is covered with illustrative designs, detailed facts and figures. There are small prep tests given after every chapter so as to create a good hold on the topic.

Studying optics is much easier with the help of lab experiments. This video covers all of it with the help of certain numerical from previous JEE question papers which makes your way to progress much comfortable.

Most or some of you must have been learned that experimental error is explained as the percentage variance within your results and the accepted value. But in this course, we may not assume the same, as the topic is all about learning with experiments. Since nobody will entertain you for the measure of quantity with already an accepted value, this can help you experiment science outside your lecture room.

Progressing through the course, you will get lecture videos which are taught by expert Physics professor, multiple choice questions and questions which you may encounter on the big day.

Course validity will be same as full packs.