Physics Part 2

Physics Part 2 of iit jee physics video lectures. It is built with 61 hours of videos of physics for iit jee and other exams.

Waves and oscillations, Simple harmonic motion, Kinetic theory of gases, Thermometry, Elasticity, Fluid dynamics and statics, Simple harmonic motion, GPM.

IIT JEE physics video lectures series second part contains general properties of matter. It also covers all basic example with problems solved in videos. Waves and oscillation need to understand concepts of simple harmonic motion first. SHM is really difficult to understand without an idea of GPM. All these topics are included in video lectures of physics for iit jee.

This part has many other topics of iitjee physics like heat and thermodynamics. It starts from calorimetry and kinetic theory gases and ends with radiation laws. Thermodynamics is lovely topic needs knowledge of graphs specially curved figure ideas of geometry.  All the ideas are explained in this part with a best-selected example to make physics a simple subject.

Surface tension is the easy topic and most numerical is easy to do without getting an idea in details. Viscosity and related laws like stokes law and Bernoulli’s theorem are in videos. Combined it is known as a fluid mechanic that is basically called as fluid dynamics and statics.

Elasticity is another scoring topic of class 11th physics and included in part two of our lectures of iit jee physics. All topics are given more than enough time to prepare and are delivered by a top teacher in coaching institutions.

Lectures for iit jee physics of class 11th are devised as.

  • Theory lecture covers every formula and concepts.
  • Example problems are in videos.
  • NCERT class 11th part 2 book exercises solved.
  • AIEEE physics problems from thermodynamics and other topic videos.
  • IIT JEE physics problems of KTG, SHM, and all other topics are included in video lectures for iit jee physics.

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