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India’s best 670+ Hrs HD Video lectures for iit jee. All concepts and example thought from basics to advance. Previous years paper AIEEE, JEE and NCERT solutions. Video lectures for iit jee maths, physics and chemistry for jee advanced. Deliver via Windows PCs, Tabs or Phones. Get IIT JEE video lectures for Android Phones. Call us 09977204422, 08226060233

IIT JEE Physics video lectures @ 6,000/-

IIT JEE Master Physics lectures comes in 4 parts as:
Part 1 Mechanics ( Newton Laws, Motion )
Part 2 Waves, Simple Harmonic Motion, GPM
Part 3 Electricity and Magnetism
Part 4 Optics and Modern Physics

IIT JEE chemistry Video lectures @ 4,500/-

IITJEE Chemistry lectures comes in 3 Parts as:
Part 1 Physical Chemistry
Part 2 Inorganic Chemistry
Part 3 Organic Chem
For JEE Mains and Advanced 2016-2017

IIT JEE Maths Video Lectures @ 4,500/-

IIT JEE Maths Videos Comes in 3 Parts as:
Part 1 Algebra, Coordinate Geometry, Trigonometry
Part 2 Calculus
Part 3 Vector, 3D, Probability, Other
For IIT JEE Main and Advance 2017 & 2018


675 Hrs HD IIT JEE Video Lectures

  • Exhaustive Theory from Basic to Advance level
  • 32 years of IIT JEE papers VDO Solutions
  • 10 years of AIEEE papers VDO Solutions
  • Thousands of MCQs Video solutions
  • NCERT Exercise Video Solutions (Phy. & Chem.)

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  • No Internet connection required
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Free Tests, IIT JEE Study Material and e-books

  • Free Online and offline tests
  • Free Study Materials and e-books
  • Doubt solving
  • Student Guidance.
  • Easy to use dvds and SD cards

Well Designed JEE Video lecture content

Our iit jee video lecture content was prepared for best results in exams. We kept all points in mind to explore the needs of jee mains and advance exams. Every and each video made with the help pf best of knowledge and facts for the topic. Many retakes and revisions were made for each clip of a video. Every small and big concept needed for exam are included explained very well. Keeping out of syllabus point at bay we made it perfect for jee exams.

Teacher is a topper

The teacher Narendra Patidar is a first ranker in the MP State Engineering Entrance 1993. He topped among 45000 students. He topped intra college maths Olympiad. He cleared union civil service prelims twice and MPPSC prelims. He took maths and physics as the subjects in these exams. With 24 experience he is best faculty for iit jee lectures in country. Using all his talent he made video lectures for maths and physics for iit jee. JEE mains advance are the best done with video classes by him.

Student is given full guidance and support

We provide complete guidance to every student about his preparation. How to do prepare, Where to start from, How to crack a problem, We teach how to make concepts and formula guide for revisions. Video lectures for jee maths and physics rarely create any doubts as it is best.

Students can mail us their problems related to any misunderstood or missing concepts. We will answer or resolve it via email or video updates on website.

Highest percentage of successful students

Success ratio of our jee video lecture student is much higher in all the types of courses. JEE mains selection rate is best in field.

Unmatched features of masters

  • HD quality voice lectures for IIT JEE mains 2018.
  • Free updates for up to jee advance 2018 and 2019.
  • Download available for PCM course content in PDF.
  • Huge content of 290 hours for physics videos.
  • Maximum problem solved in maths lectures.
  • Physical chemistry numerical include in iitjee chemistry video.
  • Best rated results in e-learning for class 11th 12th.
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