It is time test that mains advanced physics video lectures are most interesting for students of jee. The physics as a subject is neither boring nor exhausting.


Electrostatics Video Lecture

Wave Optics

Newtons laws of motion

Rotational Motion

On other side maths and chemistry are not as popular as physics among students of iit jee mains exam. It is also very important to do all subject according to their merit of marks and time spent for preparation of iit jee.

Electrostatics Capacitance

Optical Instrument

Kinetic Theory Gases

Two Dimension Motion

Below are the most interesting topics of physics for jee exams. The best videos are chosen for demo purpose but still, all other videos are similar good for exams.
The iit jee physics lectures include many animations and images to explain the subject. The most important part of iit jee master physics videos for iit jee are the solved problems from everywhere. No other company has got that talent or quality of teaching with the use of technology for physics.

Nuclear Physics

Unit Dimensions Errors

Fluid Mechanics

Current Electricity

Electron Photon Photo Electric Effect

Photo Electric Effect



Most student loves physics because of its problems in a verity of situations and application of concepts. We also help them to enhance their problem solving with our physics video lectures for iit jee mains and advanced.

Work Energy Power

One Dimension Motion



Physics has got many problem books from national to international authors. Making student more confused and loaded with many problems. We do not bother all that because we have best teachers for our lectures of physics for iit jee. They use excellent methods to teach and the concept of physics.
So watch more and more video of physics and decide your destiny.



Magnetic Effects of Current

Simple Harmonic Motion

Center of Mass Collision

Electromagnetic Induction


Alternating Currents

Ray Optics

Waves and Oscillations

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