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List of free full chapter 50 hrs. HD Video lectures for jee physics maths.

Theory Electron, Photon, Photo Electric Effect

Theory application of derivative

Theory circular motion

Theory fluid mechanics

Theory Ray Optics

Theory rotational motion

Theory electromagnetic induction

Theory Atomic Structure

Theory Nitrogen Carbon Compound

  • All other chapter will also be included if you call and and tell your need.
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  • Basic level Problems Electrostatics
  • Basiv level problems rotational motion
  • IIT JEE Solutions Atomic Structure
  • IIT JEE past question solutions gravitation
  • IIT JEE Solutions Basic Organic Chemistry
  • IIT JEE Solutions Chemical Equilibrium
  • JEE Mains level MCQs function
  • JEE mains problems ray optics3
  • NCERT Solutions Chapter Electrostatics
  • NCERT Solutions Chapter 9 Coordination Chemistry
  • NCERT Thermodynamics Solutions
  • IIT JEE solutions functions
  • Our full course also includes
  • motion in one and two dimension
  • Newtons laws, SHM, EMI
  • Integral differential calculus
  • Organic, inorganic chemistry lectures
  • physical chemistry video dvds

JEE physics video for gravitation

iit jee physics lectures friction

IIT JEE video lectures

IIT JEE maths Integration

Video lectures for iit jee mains advanced maths, physics and chemistry

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