Before getting an insight of iit jee mains advance maths video lectures read this passage. According to most of the students who opt for math, it is a highly scoring subject. This holds true if and only if a student prepares maths very well, otherwise, this statement can be completely negated and math can prove to be a nightmare. You will be surprised to know that for many students it has already turned into a big bad dream. There are many reasons behind the poor performance of a student in math. Here are a few reasons why you are not able to do well in math.

Limits and Continuity

Properties of Triangle

Quadratic Equation


  1. You fear the numbers: This is totally psychological and can be overcome easily. A few bad tests and you develop this fear. The easiest way to get out of it is through practice.
  2. You are careless: Most of the students who perform poorly in math examination tend to be careless with the calculation. You should always revise your formulae and concepts before writing an exam. Math is no different. This becomes even more important if you are appearing for JEE. One of the ways to revise math is through IIT JEE mains maths video lectures which we will discuss later.
  3. You have little interest in the subject: This should primarily be put on your teacher. If a teacher is not good, students tend to lose interest. Math is no different. The student must have access to good training to keep them interested. Video lectures for IIT JEE mains and advanced maths is an excellent example of good training.

Definite Integration

Application of Derivative

Inverse Trigonometric Function

Sequence and Series

Math has lot chapters that need special attention. If not given, this chapter can be hard to crack. The examples are algebra, calculus, and integration. They have a lot of rules and formulae. A student has to learn all of them by heart to solve the questions during the examination. There are much more chapters that demand the same thing.

One way that students adopt is by joining some coaching class. This coaching class is aimed at helping the student learn the advanced concepts. However, most of the students do not realize that such coaching classes are incapable of giving the attention required to each and every student. As a result, the student either loses interest or fails to solve the questions during the examination. To overcome this, it is advisable to go through IIT JEE maths lectures. They are very helpful in many ways.







Trigonometric Ratio


To begin with, iit jee main maths video lectures help a student focus on important topics without wasting time. Then, they cover each and every concept that a student must know to clear the JEE examination. Video lectures for IIT JEE main and advanced maths have been created by the best faculty. This means that these video lectures are of top-notch quality. IIT JEE advance maths video lectures also have a good number of examples for students to learn and understand. These examples are added in a way to cover each and every concept of the math that is intended to come in JEE examination. Therefore, students who learn through JEE maths lectures are much more confident and motivated during the JEE examination as compared to who do not go through these video lectures.

Straight Lines

3D Coordinate Geometry

Binomial Theorem

Permutation and Combinations



Complex numbers

Points and Coordinate