IIT JEE preparation is long and a tough time of life. Those who are serious want the success at cost. They use all means including tricks for iit jee exams. Tricks and shortcuts are a part of life and everyone tries it once in the exams. Tricks and shortcuts for iit jee exam are also matter of concern.

So let us start with the history of iit jee exams shortcuts. It starts with past 40 years papers for iit jee exams. If go through we can see many problems can be solved with special value substitution, use of dimensions, use of special concepts and cross-checking answer if we know the idea of it.

As we come to recent years we do not find such questions because examiners know all this and they do not make such problems anymore. One should know that iit jee advance paper do not contain repeated problems all are new always. In jee mains problems are repeating up to 40% or sometimes more. In this video lectures for iit jee help we have shown some past tricks that work for jee mains only, for jee advance there is no chance for tricks.

You are requested to watch this video and make your plan accordingly. Now a question arises if we do not have tricks for jee advance why all teachers are showing tricks for iit entrance?

Actually, they are making fool of all students who are searching for a shortcut way for IITs. We advise them not to go for tricks for iit jee advance. Yes, they can use tricks for jee mains that can make their halfway towards iit jee.

So if you really want a seat in IIT, Then it will be better to study all concepts. Our iit jee video lectures have all tricks and concepts. We have ways to create your own tricks.