recorded video lectures for iitjee

Iit jee aspirants have found new ways for jee preparation. One of the recently searched products is recorded video lectures for iit jee mains. This is one of the types of videos that are delivered by online iitjee video streaming. It seems ridiculous that some platforms deliver recorded videos instead of live classroom lectures. [...]

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IITJEE Maths Video Lecture Trigonometry

If you ask an engineering aspirant, you come across iitjee maths video lectures trigonometry, especially an IIT JEE one, he will tell you the reality of a triangle. The world sees a triangle as a figure with 3 vertices and 3 lines, but it is more than just 3 lines. It is a big [...]

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iitjee advanced video lectures

Every student dreams to be an iitian. To make this dream come true they have to crack iit jee advanced. Off course they have to pass jee mains first. Then they are eligible to appear in iit jee advanced. IIT JEE advance is also going to online from next year. Student preparing for Jee [...]

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Video lectures for IITJEE mains

Preparation for iitjee has two steps. One for iitjee mains and other iit jee advanced. If you opt for video lectures for iit jee mains better understand its requirement. All the students preparing for IITs exclusively focuses on jee advanced. While significant number of students prepare for Jee mains only targeting NIITs. The main [...]

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iit jee foundation video lectures

Now a day a big fraction of class 9th and 10th student is keen to start iit jee preparation. Mostly seeking iit jee foundation video lectures. In reality no company provides good iit jee video lectures especially for lower classes. Off course we are in the list of that kind of company. Let me [...]

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iit jee test series

I remember when we are preparing for engineering exams there were nothing like test series. But now a days there are tons of  iit jee test series are available some paid and some free. Big brand test series are also there and most jee student join at least one test series. Now we will [...]

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Importance of self study over iit jee coaching

IIT JEE preparation has two types of major division. First is joining coaching classes. Second is reading books with or without e learning. Second way is also known as self study as teachers are not involved directly. Let us examine Importance of self study over iit jee coaching. First let us she results of [...]

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IITJEE video lectures and books

Let us have a comparison between iitjee video lectures and books. Almost all students who prepare for iitjee purchase books for physics chemistry and maths. He purchases more than one writers for one subject. Apart from these books school books are also used by students. Iit jee preparation is never say die situation. Now [...]

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iit jee physics books

IIT JEE physics books are the second thing that student search after class 10th results. The first thing is either a study material for iit jee or a coaching class. Even if a student joins coaching or e learning he/she desire for good books for jee exams. Due to change in exams’ pattern year [...]

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Get 700 Hrs. IITJEE Video Lectures In 500/- to Start.