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How to study jee chemistry lectures

Chemistry video lectures for iit jee by top ranker teacher delivered as physical, inorganic and organic chemistry.
From the series of video lectures for iit jee chemistry, Physical chemistry classes are first to learn. The order of chapters must be atomic structure,
periodicity and chemical bonding.

If student is not got all of it, he must repeat these chemistry video lectures for jee main once again.

After that student can go for other chapter’s videos of physical chemistry for iit jee.

Physical chemistry lectures will give all the concepts of subject.
Then student can learn inorganic and organic chemistry very easily in less time.
Organic is based on concepts of bonding and relation between positive and negative charges.
Concepts on physics like work and electrostatic potential energy are a must to get all of organic chemistry concept like hybridization, inductive effect resonance etc.
Videos for Inorganic chemistry syllabus for iit jee main and advanced is very different, so student must read it before to study.

Our video lectures for iit jee chemistry are an edge for students going for jee exams.
It will finish chemistry video course in correct order and better than any other chemistry class room coaching course.

IIT JEE Chemistry Video lectures

Napellus has produced Chemistry video lectures for iitjee since 2010. The best factor behind its success is its design of content. All basic concepts of iit jee chemistry video lectures is discussed. Teacher has done miracle in delivering ideas of problem solving in chemistry. Teacher’s experience of subject is visible in chemistry video lectures for jee. JEE lecture videos for chemistry by iitjee master is one of most easy going. Student of jee lectures are fan of it’s simplicity. It is of 180 plus hrs in duration and comes as software. These course is also available in windows mobile phones.

Main features of the lectures are it’s theory of physical chemistry. Inorganic is thought at optimum level to cover max problem in less time. Organic chemistry video lectures is focused on reaction prediction method.

Details of JEE Chemistry lectures
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Mains Content of jee chemistry lectures are as follows.

  • Physical chemistry video lecture for jee is best in class.

  • Inorganic and organic chemistry jee video also covered very precisely.

  • 11 years EEE past papers all VDO solved.

  • Old 35 Years JEE papers solved in videos.

  • NCERT class 11th and 12 chemistry video lectures also VDO solved.

Basic Principles of Chemistry, Mole Concepts, Stocimetry

Chemical bonding types of bonds, Ionic and Covalent bonds, Bond Energy and bond angle.

Thermodynamics and Chemical energetics Hens’ Law, Enthaly Entroy and types of processes.

Solid State, Gaseous state and liquid state.

Periodicity in elements. Periodicity of acid and basic nature.

Coordination Chemistry, Coordination number, types ligands, Valency.

Basic organic chemistry, Inductive effect, Hybridization, Structure of molecules, Hyper conjugation.

Halo Alkanes, Alkyl Halide