IIT JEE maths video lecture in English.

For students preparing for iit jee 2017 -2018. Maths part one lectures contains Algebra, Coordinate geometry of 2 Dimensions, trigonometry. All types of videos are being prepared in English as the only language of instruction. We have more than enough capacity, capability, and courage to make 710 hours of HD video lectures in English. Most of iit jee video provider have only one type of option in iit jee maths video lectures. We have a team of iit jee maths teachers to finish the task in short time.

We have now all maths theory completed for all chapter of class 11th and 12th maths for iit jee. Our professor O.P. Sharma is Ph.D. from IIT Roorkee. He is best of maths faculty in Indore with max experience in the iit jee maths teaching. Watch our few lectures for iit jee maths in this page and for more lectures install our app.

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Maths part two contains calculus. Integral calculus, differential calculus, Differential equations, area under curve etc. A major portion of iit jee maths paper are from calculus and our maths lecture for iit jee mains in English covers entire calculus in single DVD. This single DVD costs less than expenditure on travel to a coaching in a month. Most student love problem-solving in maths especially form calculus. This iit jee mathematics dvd help them get the edge in jee mains and advance maths. Calculus problem is easy to solve and it is scoring as well. Our lectures for maths focus on concepts and tricks as well. Main chapters to finish first are functions and limits. The correct order to study iit jee calculus maths lectures in English is as follows. Functions, limits, continuity, and derivative from the first principle. Once all it is done learn how to check drivability and continuity of a function.

iit jee maths video lectures in English part three. Probability, 3D Geometry, vectors, statistics, statics, dynamics. Vectors need an understanding of 3 D geometry and vice versa. We have added both topics in maths video lectures part three. We are the best in every part of jee maths especially when it comes to problems solving by tricks and concepts. Most of the student dislike maths in the beginning of class 9th once they do it in class 10th they start loving it. IIT JEE maths lectures just like a dream come true maths lovers. This dream becomes more real for the student of pure English medium. Part three cover probability and other easy scoring topics like statistics. Once a student does finish all physics and chemistry from lectures they must do this topic at the end.