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JEE physics video lectures course provide by napellus available for try before buy.
It cover class 11th physics in two parts one mechanics and other general properties of matter.
Physics part two also covers simple harmonic, motion waves and thermo dynamics.
This includes JEE 36 years past paper video solutions along with ncert and aieee papers.
Physics for class 12th comes as electricity magnetism and optics with modern physics.
All of physics is packed in 280 plus HD videos and this is available in different term and licenses.
Student going to prepare for iit jee must watch these video before going to purchase any physics video lectures.

These physics lectures for iit jee main and advanced comes in a software which can easily be installed on a pc,
laptop, tablets or windows and android phones. Student can watch them any time any where in offline mode.

These iit jee video lectures require only 15 GB memory on hard disc. Student can make notes from this lectures.
The lectures are prepared top ranker teacher with ample knowledge that is why student .
may not need a printed study material for iit jee physics.

IIT JEE Video Lectures for Physics

Napellus edutech is equipped with best in class technology to produce iit jee physics video lectures.
It has variety of video lectures for iit jee physics. That covers theory of basic concepts to advanced level ideas to solve problems of physics.

Apart from theory lectures focus has been given to solve problems. So it does includes following iit jee physics lectures in the course.

In physics videos it includes.

  • mechanics Unit Dimension and errors with all thory and numerical. One and two dimension coordinate geometry covers kinematics lectures of physics. Newton’s laws of motion with friction covers core of mechanics. Work power and energy with conservational laws for linear momentum. Gravitation and rotational motion mechanics, the last lectures of jee physics mechanics.

  • Simples harmonic motion then waves and oscillations are thought in physics videos. GPM lectures for jee includes general properties of matter. Fluid mechanics lectures for jee physics covers statics and dynamics of fluids.

  • In class 12th physics lectures we have Electricity and magnetism. This have jee lectures of physics of electrostatics current electricity and ac.

  • Optics and modern physics lectures of class 12th physics is in part 4. Ray optics and wave optics are mains of this videos. Photo electric effect, matter waves and optical instruments.

Frictional forces, angle of friction, Static and kinetic friction videos.

Fluid mechanics , viscosity, Surface tension.

center of mass and collision, Elastic Inelastic collision, Conservation of linear momentum.

Waves and oscillations, Stationary and progressive waves.

Ray optics, lens formula, Magnification, Mirror formula, Reflection and Refraction.

Electric field, Electric Potential, Potential energy, Work done, Dipole situations.

Rotational motion, Moment of inertia, Conservation of angular momentum, Theorems of parallel and perpendicular axis.

Gravitational field, Gravity of earth, Gravitational potential, Satellite.