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We are the people who were great student got success in IIT JEE and other exams. We had started teaching for IIT JEE from our college life and then it become a passion for us.

We were never money minded and never published false and manipulated results.

We had an aim and that was the success of our students.

Now we are pioneering the field of e-learning for IIT JEE.

If you are a serious student and want to do best in IIT JEE mains and advanced then learn from our courses.



  • Exhaustive Theory Lecture prepared with research of 20 Years in the field of IIT JEE Preparation.
  • 32 IIT JEE Past Paper complete video solutions to cover all concepts and formula.
  • High-Quality sound and HD Video best in the Country.
  • India’s Most Viewed and admired course to date.

Student who are successful manages money and other resource for preparation and time inside exam hall better than others. Know about our teacher

Narendra Patidar – IIT JEE Master

About the Company

Napellus Edutech Pvt Ltd was found in 2012 by a top-ranked student who also became an excellent teacher of science and math for Medical and Engineering aspirants.
Narendra Patidar build, market and provide
India’s best quality e-content and delivers
in software form that works in offline mode to save the internet charges and readily available to students. We provide content to Students, Schools, Teachers, Shops, and Institutes. Our product help students to study complete courses faster and better way to bring most out of them. Company’s working area are listed below

K-12 Education

Engineering Entrance Classroom coaching

Medical Entrance classroom coaching

Online Education

E-content Projects

Social Education

iitjeemaster is the brand name adopted, owned and used by Narendra Patidar for its product and services.

Support is given through Phone, Mail, Chat.

We provide all guidance to student regarding study. How to start preparation , What to learn first, How to solve problems,How to make notes and formula book.

Our Student can mail their conceptual problems and selected problem solutions will be given on website under doubts section.

Very Well Prepared Content

Our Content was prepared keeping in demand of IIT JEE exam and is to the point and fully covers all concepts. It is near to errorless content which make it best in India. It has well planed lectures and neat examples to demonstrate the subject.

Top Ranker as a teacher

Our teacher was a first ranker in the MP State Engineering Entrance in 1993 and since he is teaching for IIT JEE etc.

Highest Success Rate

Success % of our course is much higher than any other mode of preparation.

Always Positive approach

Our team always work for better and better. That is why our course is highly useful for students.