I hope you have read the newspapers after JEE mains Jan 2019 results. If yes, then you must have seen 100%ile scorer’s comment.  They clearly said that their success is due to solving all past JEE papers. All toppers are agreed at that point. Everyone knows the importance of past iit jee paper video lectures.

All we know that questions do not repeat in IIT JEE Advanced papers. But In JEE mains repetitions are very common. That is why doing all past papers is a must before going to the exam hall. Then most of the student will not be able to solve any problem.

I was called by a student who bought many other iit jee video lecture courses; none of that course had any past papers solved. He spent around 50,000 Rs to obtain video lectures for iit jee physics maths etc. He attempted Jan JEE mains this year. He said he did not solve any problem as he was shocked by problems.

Past IITJEE Paper Video Lectures

The same story is true for many students. Many coaching classes are not able or say not capable to solve past paper. That is why all coaching going students fail. The student can purchase past paper solved books. Errors in books are common also in it only one method is discussed in books to solve a past problem. Video lectures for iit jee by iitjeemaster are far better than anything.

As it has

  • All past JEE papers solved in video lectures.
  • It includes 11 Years EEE paper along with MNREC solutions.
  • Other Exam like AIIME AFMC and more covered in video lecture for jee.
  • All solutions are errors less.
  • NCERT Phy Chem solutions.
  • Multiple methods to solve problems.
  • Tricks and Smart ways included in jee lectures.

Video lectures cover course faster. Solving of all past papers will take three months only.

Our lectures for iit jee were used by 8000 students and everyone got the best results. We advise doing problems from all areas as soon as a theory paper is completed. After doing examples from our videos for iit jee do previous years questions. It will give an advance edge in preparation. Those who spent money on coaching classes seem to rely on them. But think, you are not the only one to do that, millions are doing that. So it is better to get 10days free trial from iit jee master and start a proper study.