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IITJEE Maths Video Lecture Trigonometry

If you ask an engineering aspirant, you come across iitjee maths video lectures trigonometry, especially an IIT JEE one, he will tell you the reality of a triangle. The world sees a triangle as a figure with 3 vertices and 3 lines, but it is more than just 3 lines. It is a big [...]

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Maths for iit jee physics video

Maths for iit jee physics video lectures Study of iit jee physics by video lectures is very good idea, that can be very beneficial for jee students. The main hurdle in study of physics is the weak maths. Almost every chapter physics needs sound knowledge of maths. Although we study basic maths before [...]

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Functions iit jee maths lectures

Topic of function is very big and topics related to it are limits, continuity and differentiation. Although this is first topic in calculus for jee maths lectures, but most teacher do not teach it at first priority. This leads to mess up all the jee maths, as calculus is very important subject. It is [...]

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