If you ask an engineering aspirant, you come across iitjee maths video lectures trigonometry, especially an IIT JEE one, he will tell you the reality of a triangle. The world sees a triangle as a figure with 3 vertices and 3 lines, but it is more than just 3 lines. It is a big chapter in itself which helps the engineers to figure out and design many things. The branch of mathematics that deals with the sides, lengths, angles and everything else of a triangle is called trigonometry. While most of the students grasp this subject pretty well, some learners find it hard to consume and digest. It is entirely not their fault that they fail to understand the sin and cos, the teacher is to be equally blamed. Anyway, that being said, here are the things that a student must learn to excel in trigonometry. So he is able to solve trigonometric equations.

iit jee maths lectures trigonometry

Trigonometric Ratios

These are the basic and the most important part of trigonometry. It will not be wrong to say that these ratios form the basis of the chapter. We will not get into what these are and how to calculate, but we surely want to tell you that if you want to build a strong base in trigonometry, then understanding and learning these ratios is the first thing you must do.

Trigonometric Equations

The next step towards being a trigonometry guru understands the trigonometric equations. These equations are like the rules of sides and angles of the triangles. They are the laws by which each and every valid triangle is drawn or can be drawn. In case any of this equation fails for a triangle, it cannot even exist.

Height and Distance

This is one part of the trigonometry chapter which is a practical application of the trigonometric identities, ratios and equations. This chapter enables a student to find the length or the distance of a point from any given point. Similarly, there are many other practical applications of trigonometry which are covered in the engineering.

iitjee trigonometry video classes

Trigonometry is one of the few chapters that are interesting to read and if you go through IIT JEE maths video lectures for trigonometry, it gets even more interesting. One of the reasons it becomes interesting is the fact. That you can actually see what does identities and ratio. Rather than just reading from the book and wasting hours in an effort to understand.

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