Iit jee aspirants have found new ways for jee preparation. One of the recently searched products is recorded video lectures for iit jee mains.

This is one of the types of videos that are delivered by online iitjee video streaming. It seems ridiculous that some platforms deliver recorded videos instead of live classroom lectures. Why? If you have a technology to stream videos for iit jee then why they serve old scraps instead of live classes. On the other hand technology for serving live video lectures is quite costly and it also cannot replace classrooms. Our experience with live video classes is not good, as most students have complained about communication gap. Live doubt session also did not work for these students. To save cost most companies deliver recorded iit jee lectures. We will discuss the utility of such videos shortly.

recorded video lectures for jee

We usually do not prefer any old fashion recorded video lectures for Iitjee students. Old fashion lectures are nothing but the classroom lectures. While video recorded by an experienced teacher specifically for Jee students are best. These lectures take a long time with extremely hard work in teaching. These also need too much experience of the teacher delivering video lectures for jee.

The basic difference in old classroom type lectures and our special digital lectures are here.

Classroom recorded lectures for iit jee have no chance of error correction. We create and correct every error for best quality. Cost of recorded lectures is higher especially when it delivered online. Digital lectures are cheaper. The biggest drawback of lectures is hindrance of teacher between board and camera. In our lecture teacher do not come across board. So there no such trouble with iitjeemaster video lectures. Most teachers make useless talk and comments while teaching that waste most of time. In our package no time is spend in jokes. In recorded video lectures for iit jee audio video quality is not up to mark. We always focus on use of best tech to work ultimate student experience. Total course duration also very less for recorded lectures as the compared to jeemasters. If videos are delivered live then it will be a single and only session for a lecture. In offline content you can open any number of times.

Now the most sought question can be why our offline content is better than others. The answer is it like film in which every dialogue is prepared; every sentence has a value as it is full of info. Every image and every word written on board is like a film set. So it is a story teller like teaching for iit jee.