Hundreds of video lectures for iit jee available on the net. Students are highly confused due to heavy marketing and showbazi in the name of past iit students. It is all marketing and no one show its all lectures prior to sale. In fact, no one can do it. It is not possible for others because their content is extremely poor. Only IITJEE Master can show all it lectures. We provide download iit jee video lectures via app and instant play any of them. Install our app and download all 700 hrs iit jee lectures in mobile. Our app works for android 6.0 and above. To register app after installing just put name and number. In some device, the app may not work due to the difference in hardware then call us for another apk. We are always ready to help our iit jee app user student for any help and support.


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Our app has ten tabs for physics, maths and chemistry video lectures for jee. You can select any downloaded video and play it.

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