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how to attempt iit jee paper

Most students do not know how to attempt iit jee exam papers. It is very important factor to crack iitjee but left untouched. There is no doubt that in success in jee mains exam needs talent and knowledge. But exam paper handling can make a good student fail in exam and pass a relatively [...]

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IIT Physics lectures

After reaching 12th standard, students usually find themselves struggling through various subjects. This is due to a sudden increase in the level of difficulty. This is not just the case with one subject, every subject in the new class is overwhelming. One such example is modern physics. There are so many new concepts that [...]

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how to prepare iit jee chemistry

As soon as a student passes class 10th and reaches the next class, chemistry turns a drastic turn. Till now, chemistry was a single subject but moving forward, chemistry is divided into 3 broad categories – physical chemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry. It is important that a student learns all three of them [...]

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jee maths integration video lectures

There are a lot of chapters in math which are difficult to understand at first but with proper training, they can be fun and scoring. One such chapter is integration. This chapter is an advanced mathematics concept and has a vast array of utilization. For example, integration is used in finding the area of a [...]

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