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doubt solving jee video lectures

IIT JEE doubts solving lectures is a challenging work for a teacher. Every student who wants to prepare for jee mains and advanced come across various doubts. We will examine types of confusions and doubt in iit jee physics maths or chemistry. After that, we will discuss the possible best solutions to problems in [...]

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Importance of self study over iit jee coaching

IIT JEE preparation has two types of major division. First is joining coaching classes. Second is reading books with or without e learning. Second way is also known as self study as teachers are not involved directly. Let us examine Importance of self study over iit jee coaching. First let us she results of [...]

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IITJEE video lectures and books

Let us have a comparison between iitjee video lectures and books. Almost all students who prepare for iitjee purchase books for physics chemistry and maths. He purchases more than one writers for one subject. Apart from these books school books are also used by students. Iit jee preparation is never say die situation. Now [...]

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how to prepare iit jee chemistry

As soon as a student passes class 10th and reaches the next class, chemistry turns a drastic turn. Till now, chemistry was a single subject but moving forward, chemistry is divided into 3 broad categories – physical chemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry. It is important that a student learns all three of them [...]

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Physics lectures on Mechanics

IIT JEE examination is one of the hardest examinations that an engineering aspirant can prepare for. Within the examination, physics is one subject that is very important. Although there is no specific written syllabus for physics or any other subject for IIT JEE examination, there are a few chapters that repeat every year and [...]

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iit jee video lectures on mobile phone

IIT JEE video lectures on mobile phones is a promising future tool for students. Most iit jee coaching providers now provides video lectures on mobile phone as well. They delivers learning content on SD card that content is played by mobile apps. Two major OS used in India by mobile users are Android and windows. [...]

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Plan your IIT JEE 2017 preparations

Plan your preparations for IIT JEE 2017 Most of the students find it difficult to study for both boards and IIT entrance exams. The toughest part is when students are left with little time for IIT JEE Preparations and boards are soon to come. This usually happens with students who never consider planning [...]

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Video Coaching

  Past few years have witnessed enormous amounts of technological advancements in IIT JEE coaching sector through the advent of video streaming and other online preparation techniques. It allows students residing in remote locations access to the same quality of IIT JEE coaching and study material as is available to their counterparts attending traditional brick [...]

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