IIT JEE preparation has two types of major division. First is joining coaching classes. Second is reading books with or without e learning. Second way is also known as self study as teachers are not involved directly. Let us examine Importance of self study over iit jee coaching.

First let us she results of past years. The data is provided by IITs itself as they collect it from students. If we see the data we will find that more than 55% selected students never joined any coaching classes.

That means 55% student prepared with self way with books and/or with online or offline video lectures for iit jee. Let us understood how remaining 45 student prepared for iit jee self plus coaching or with only coaching. Not a single student exits in the country that fully depends on coaching. Each and every student who goes for a coaching he also do self study for at least 6 hour a days and up to 10 hours a day. They go for a coaching for 3-5 hrs a day.  Off course they have to prepare for class test every day but still it is also a self study.

So it should be clear that a coaching dependent student also does self study for sure.


Self study tips for iit jee

Let us find how many students go for coaching in some way and hence find their success chances. See most of student say about 70% goes for a coaching class. Others do not go for many reasons like poorly, unavailability or optional. 70% who go for a coaching share only 45% seats. While 30% who do self study claims 55% seats. It is also to mention that coaching going also depend on self study.

Nationwide success rate of coaching classes is 4%. So now we can estimate success rate of self study as well. It will be (70/30)*(55/45)*4 approx 11%. So we can say that self study is three times better than coaching classes.

I personally think that coaching try to hinder self study of student due to unnecessary tests and work load. Teachers are making money with false result claims mostly.

The best way is self study and with best videos like iitjeemaster’s. These lectures can be time saver and friends like books. It is better than books as they may not so error less. It has entirely different and unique approach for learning subject and not like coaching atmosphere which is just an illusion. So decide yourself.