IIT JEE doubts solving lectures is a challenging work for a teacher. Every student who wants to prepare for jee mains and advanced come across various doubts. We will examine types of confusions and doubt in iit jee physics maths or chemistry. After that, we will discuss the possible best solutions to problems in physics or other subjects for jee exams.

After learning from video lectures for iit jee we will expect various doubts in topics. In coaching classes doubt solving is an extra facility for students. But when it comes to video lectures we can say only a few words as follows. After learning from our lectures doubts in concepts will not come. We can say this with our experience of ten years of video lecture’s feedback.  Also when coming to doubts about problems we have extremely great help. We have solved all problems from past jee papers and another similar exam along with ncert exercise. After doing this all lectures students have nothing to worry about problem-solving skills.

So let us see what kinds of doubts troubles students.

  • It may be in understanding of a concept.
  • It can be a problem included as an example.
  • It may from past year papers.
  • From other books and study material
  • From students mind and thoughts.
doubt solving video lectures

If doubts cones in concepts better listen to the video lecture again or ask us via mail or other means. If it comes from past papers or problems included we recommend a student to read concept again and try again. If not cleared watch video of that solved problem. If there is doubt in the example then watch it again as it is always an easy to understand an example problem. If you are solving various books and study material be caution there me several errors that cause doubts in physics maths or chemistry.

A student has various thought about a subject and concepts. He creates many troubles himself regarding subject doubts and their solving. This will settle with time as he/she come to understand subjects. We will say do not make a hypothesis about concepts and try to understand what teacher wants to say via video lectures for iit jee.

We at IITJEE Master going to start doubt solving facility via email and other means like WhatsApp or website. Also, we have in choosing books for iit jee exams. As compared to others we have a far better faculty for doubt solving etc.