After finishing jee course from iit jee video lectures it is time for revision. Two years iit jee preparation is in final stage and beginning of board exams is the concern. It is time for revision of iit jee video lectures. Students have to focus on iit jee as well as for boards. So need of iit jee videos for revision course is a must for every one. Let us talk over the availability of such video course for iit jee. As revision is a revision and no full-length work could be done for it. In truth, such courses do not exist.

So we have to use iit jee master video lectures for revision purpose. Out of 700 hrs of videos you need to study theory portion before the board exams. Theory portion consists of 225 hrs of HD quality lectures for jee. After revision of all concepts, anyone can solve board problems. It is a point to note that this part also covers some solved example for physics, chemistry, and maths. This can help solving papers very well.

Although it is a long work remember we have already done entire course well before exams. In the first go, we always make notes that are also useful after video lectures for iit. In the second go or say revision we simply read it faster than before and it takes less time.

Let us make the list of work to do apart from video lectures just before exams.

  • Read notes only
  • Do not do many problems.
  • Read and memorize all the formulas
  • Revise and memorize difficult formula
  • Keep a cool and calm
  • Always be confident
  • Believe in god

Now you are ready for any exam best of luck.

iit jee videos for revision