free iit jee video lectures

We were constantly getting demand of video lectures for iit jee in pure English from south Indian students. This lead us to take responsibility of these students. We always want to create the best and never before content for iit jee videos. The demand for subjects in both language is felt since 3-4 years back.

We now able to do it and decided to do it at any cost to cater every student.

Student going to learn iit jee video lectures in English now will get the best of best content for their study.

Apply for 700 hrs Video trial.

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Here is the list of chapters in jee chemistry lectures

This course has theory iit jee lectures of Physics It clears theory with examples.
The course is also available in Android and windows Phones.

It has all parts like mechanics, GPM, Thermodynamics, SHM,
Electricity and magnetism,Optics and modern physics.
Maths course has lectures on algebra,coordinate geometry,trigonometry,calculus and 3D  vectors.
Chemistry has physical and inorganic and organic chemistry as per iit jee syllabus.

We are converting our jee video lectures for south India students. All video lectures

being dubbed in English for these students. All theory video lectures are now available in English.

In the chemistry we have developed video lecture for jee in both languages. IIT JEE solutions and NCERT has been done for chemistry. It is about to launch in month of August. We are confident that all student will love this lectures of iit jee in the country.