IIT JEE Physics video lecture in English. It is best for south Indian students. Mechanics lectures contain videos of unit dimensions, 1D motion, 2D motion, Circular motion, Newton laws, WPE, Rotational mechanics, gravitation. The 2 D motion includes kinematics, rest and motion, coordinates and the reference frame, the center of mass of linear momentum and friction physics. The work-energy power physics, vector physics including scalar and vector products is explained in detail. The universal gravitational constant and its measurements and rotation around the axis are also explained well.

Physics video lectures for the class 11th portion of jee syllabus. That covers chapters like SHM, waves oscillations, Thermodynamics, Fluids etc. The gravitation force and acceleration, the electromagnetic induction and alternating currents are explained in detail. Magnetic effect of current passing through a body and X-ray physics with a complete review on work power and energy has made things very simple.

JEE mains physics video lectures in English for class 12th part 1 portion. Chapters come under are electrostatics, current electricity, magnetism, magnetic effect of currents, electromagnetic induction, alternating currents JEE main advance physics lectures in English. The concept of electromagnetic induction, the nuclear radius of electrons and explanation on nuclear density has its own worth of watching. Final last videos are Gauss’s laws of magnetism explaining electromagnetic induction emission in this section. The physics lectures include the shortcuts and tips to solve difficult problems including numerical and objective type questions.