This course contain 670 hours HD video that includes complete theory. IIT JEE Past paer solutions. AIEEE 10 Years solutions. NCERT Exercise solutions ( Physics and Chemistry only) Basic level problems with solution and solved examples. All above in Video.


Yes it covers IIT JEE mains and JEE Advanced syllabus both along with school basics.

Yes it covers content for jee mains and advance both. In fact it covers boards as well.

Class 11th and 12th Physics and chemistry exercise video solved in packages.

Initially we are providing 36 years paper solved in lectures. Rest 3 years papers will available in updates. These will be uploaded for download and to watch on youtube.

Yes these videos are for teachers as well.

Yes we provide video lectures for jee foundation. IIT JEE foundation course can be started from class 9th or 10th.

We advice to do both class maths first then do some problems from maths and then do some problems from jee video lectures. Then do class 11th physics part 1 and after that read electrostatics.  After these start chemistry.

Our video lectures for jee available in following validity. 10 days, 1 , 6 , 12 , 24 months and 36 months.

If you format the PC just inform us before it. If you had done it you need to sent computer id again via email giving all details. We will sent password to run video lectures for iit jee again.