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iit jee test series

I remember when we are preparing for engineering exams there were nothing like test series. But now a days there are tons of  iit jee test series are available some paid and some free. Big brand test series are also there and most jee student join at least one test series. Now we will [...]

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how to start iitjee preparation

As soon student passes out class 10th he starts his iit jee preparations. He searches around and finds many ways like listed here. Class room coaching Private tuitions for Schools Online coaching for iit jee E learning courses for jee mains like video lecturers The main question is not joining any course but is [...]

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jee maths integration video lectures

There are a lot of chapters in math which are difficult to understand at first but with proper training, they can be fun and scoring. One such chapter is integration. This chapter is an advanced mathematics concept and has a vast array of utilization. For example, integration is used in finding the area of a [...]

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IIT JEE maths lectures on calculus

Calculus is one of those few subjects that are not only important for JEE but also important after JEE. Also, Integral calculus iit jee is not only important from maths point of view; it is important from physics and at large, engineering point of view. When a chapter is so important, it is recommended [...]

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Modern Physics video lectures for IIT JEE

Modern Physics video lectures for IIT JEE While preparing for IIT JEE, physics is one subject that most of the students. They face difficulty in but with proper modern physics video lectures for IIT JEE, learning and understanding the complex terminology of physics can be grasped easily. Physics lectures are usually long and boring, [...]

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Benefits of video lectures and online IIT JEE coaching

Video tutorials: The new technology in IIT coaching industry Past few years have witnessed enormous amounts of technological advancements in IIT JEE coaching sector through the advent of video streaming and other online preparation techniques. It allows students residing in remote locations access to the same quality of IIT JEE coaching and study material as [...]

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Time management for JEE preparation

How to plan and manage time effectively for JEE preparation? Time-management for JEE preparation : Don’t spend your time, invest it. Manage time properly to crack JEE 2017 The greatest advantage of good time management practice for almost every conceivable thing is the freedom to avoid last-minute nervous-breakdowns, time-crunches etc. It gives confidence to the [...]

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Get started with IIT JEE 2017 IIT JEE 2017 is months away and these last few months before the examination is extremely crucial. Assuming that you began you preparations in class XI, the next few months should be spent thoroughly revising the syllabus and solving as many different types of questions as you can. About [...]

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