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IIT JEE Winners In India, if you are a school student aspiring for a career in engineering or the parent of such student then the natural first choice is to aim for an IIT admission, as in some ways it is the guarantee of a successful professional career. The hopes to get an admission in IITs are so high that anything less is considered just a compromise. A good rank is required in IIT entrance exam to secure an admission in IITs. Securing a good rank in IIT-JEE is a cherished dream of not just the lakhs of aspirants who appear for the exam each year, rather a familial affair for every single one of them. Results of IIT-JEE are one the most awaited entrance exam results in India.

With these facts established, one must wonder where really am I getting at. The question of concern here is: are you actually prepared in the real sense to take head-on this competition? The intention here is not to intimidate or imply that a near-impossible task lies ahead, but rather that it can be done. The first and foremost is to tell oneself that you can do it, so have the winning attitude. Follow up the winning attitude with hard work and dedication. To achieve a good rank in the result of IIT-JEE you must plan your preparation for IIT-JEE at least one year in advance, most students start the preparation after class 10th to cover the syllabus and to leverage their chances of scoring high in IIT-JEE results, a few even join foundation programs of IIT coaching institutes. You must realize that IIT entrance exam tests the students’ understanding of the fundamental concepts and application of those concepts to problems, unlike most other entrance exams. Guidance from teachers or students who were successful in IIT-JEE in the past will be very helpful, but you must understand that each student has different aptitude and strengths, so what works for others may not necessarily work for you.

Everything in the perfect proportion and voila, success is what you have!

Getting selected for an IIT, the most sought after institute in our country for engineering studies is certainly not a cake-walk, and please remember that joining IIT classes in a coaching center does not guarantee success. As much as the students want to get a good rank in the result of IIT-JEE, IITs also want to let only the most refined and bright ones in. This explains the high standard of the entrance exam, and the herculean task for the students to get through.

IIT coaching institutes are the ones cashing in on this craze.

•Cracking IIT entrance exam means getting a good rank in results of IIT-JEE and it undoubtedly requires understanding of the complete depth and breadth of the concepts of each topic included in the course, so cramming the formulas and the methods and procedures to a few problems will never do the bit. A detailed and planned approach is needed for good IIT-JEE result. One needs to have solid fundamental knowledge or understanding of the concepts or “fundas” as the IIT-aspirants like to call it.

•To achieve a good position in IIT-JEE results, speed and accuracy both are required. With just speed, you are bound to make silly mistakes. However with just accuracy and no speed, you would never be able to finish the exam on time. So it is important to realize that one must balance speed with accuracy.

•Take IIT-JEE mock tests regularly. If you are enrolled in any IIT coaching institute then you will get mock tests from them as well. This will give you the opportunity to grade yourself periodically and allow you to understand your areas of strength and weakness from the results of IIT-JEE mock tests. You can prepare your own mock tests, but remember to create a complete simulation of the process (which means no distractions like phone calls etc.) otherwise the self-devised tests would be a waste of time and energy. You should take the mock tests from every topic of the syllabus.

•It is important to learn from the mistakes made in mock tests and tailor the future preparation based on the learning from the tests. This will ensure that you are well-prepared for the final entrance exam.

•Selective study is not an option for entrance exams like IIT-JEE. Each topic of study must be thoroughly studied to get a commendable IIT-JEE score. One seemingly unimportant topic might be the foundation of the most important one, and as stated previously, conceptual knowledge is the key. However smartly analyze the amount of time that should be devoted to each chapter. Don’t waste a lot of time on a less important topic. Follow the trends for questions from previous years’ entrance exams and find out the level of importance each chapter holds. Devote time to the concepts accordingly.

•Some other strategies might also be devised. A few concepts are such that not much variety in framing the questions is possible. However the problems for some other topics can be framed in numerous ways. If there is a lot of time in hand, then one must devote more time to understand the methods of solving the different problems of such topics compared to practicing similar problems of a topic one is confident about.

•However, during the last days of exam, devote more time to the topics that you know well instead of trying to understand completely new concepts and try to revise from every topic of the entrance exam syllabus. This will boost your confidence of the topics you understand well and you can score good marks from them. Please don’t indulge in revising from material given by IIT coaching institutes as majority of them are not even worth the paper they are printed on.

•Try to divide the problems depending on their difficulty level, assign different amount of allowed time for each level, and while practicing try to solve the problems in stipulated time.

•Don’t be lured by the fancy advertisements of different IIT coaching institutes. Majority of the IIT-JEE coaching institutes are involved in buying “topper ranks” to display in advertisements to attract new students. Parents and students must avoid such traps. Past years success of a particular institute is no guarantee for future success either.

•Concentrate on your school curriculum as well, because the topics required for engineering entrance exams are the same as covered in senior secondary boards. If the fundamentals are clear from school lectures itself, the effort required for IIT-JEE can be greatly reduced.

•Never let failure discourage you in any way. Learn from your mistakes rather than sitting and brooding over it. A few setbacks are normal; time won’t stop for you to get back on track, so don’t let failure stop you either. Keep moving forward towards your goal.

•Study to gain real knowledge, not just for the sake of finishing the chapter. Finishing a topic just as a formality would get you nowhere while preparing for the entrance exams as it would provide no value addition.

•There is a popular myth that if one has to excel at an engineering entrance exam, they must study at least 8-12 hours per day. Due to this belief, students are under an enormous amount of pressure from their parents, their schools and their IIT coaching centers. Everything in their lives other than studies comes to a standstill. This is not the right approach. One must take time out for other activities as well. Today smart-work more than hard-work bears the fruit. The results of IIT-JEE in past years reflect that the students who really excel are the ones who did not engross themselves completely into studies and their IIT classes, rather took time out for their hobbies as well.

•A well-planned schedule and a determination to stick to it are the real factors for success. Consistency is the virtue that will guarantee success.

•Take it for granted that the questions appearing in IIT-JEE entrance exam would have an element of surprise in it. The concepts behind the question may be the simplest ones, but never expect a straight-forward question. Sometimes in IIT entrance a single question may be prepared involving multiple topics of the syllabus and to solve them one must have fundamental understanding of the underlying topics. The trick to excel is training your-self to read between the lines. The solution part is generally very easy if the question is understood properly. Practice question papers from previous years’ IIT entrance exams as they would give you a proper idea about IIT-JEE pattern. IIT coaching institutes generally teach various tips and tricks for questions.

•While trying to solve a problem in maths/physics/chemistry during practice, make sure that you have tried to the best of your capability to solve it your-self before referring to the solution.

Re-read the question again and again if that is what it takes to understand it.
Try conventional methods for a solution before resorting to the short-cut tips and tricks. It would help you understand the concept better.
Refer to the chapter’s concepts again and again to figure out all the possible ways in which they can be applied to reach a solution.
If you had to refer to the solution, then make sure to practice similar problems till you master the concept.
Think of the problem as an algorithm with which you need to proceed step by step without worrying about the next step. Once you have mastered the algorithm by continuous practice, you can skip the unnecessary steps to be quick.
•Any entrance exam paper is divided into difficulty levels. Some questions are easy, most are average and some are very tough. The students who excel are the ones who can do well in all the easy and average ones and a few very difficult ones to differentiate themselves from the majority. Divide your preparation into a similar process.

•Most top rank holders of the IIT-JEE are known to devise their own short-cuts for specific kinds of problems apart from the ones they may have learnt from IIT coaching centers. This can be achieved only with a detailed understanding of the “fundas”. Because the short-cuts are one’s own derivations, it is known to the person exactly where and how they can be applied.

The above stated are a few factors that would ensure if nothing else, a head-start to success in IIT-JEE and other engineering entrance examinations.

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