Video lectures for iit jee are available since 2007.
But mode of delivery was only windows PC,tablet and laptops.
That time Android was in early stage, and delivery of video had concern of security on android platform.
But with the development of android OS it is now become a simpler approach.
Now many institutes has iit jee video lectures on android as well.
IIT JEE master is new name between them. Although it is newts it is considered as best deal.
IIT JEE master now have video lectures in android phone, tablet as well as in windows phones.

Student preparing for iit jee should consider these point before adopting video lecture tablet or android phone.

1 .Quality of audio and video of lectures. Take a full course demo on your device.
2. Quantity of lectures. Check the content available with respect to utility for exam.
3. Cost of videos as many other have unusually high cost.
4. Number of SD cards in video content is sold by institutes. Replacing SD cards frequently can be irritating.

So it is very important check every thing before to spend a penny. It is not just the matter of money
but the time which may be lost and time do not come back.

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