Rotational motion is also called as rotational mechanics is in class 11th syllabus of jee physics.
It is the biggest chapter in iit jee physics and considered as most difficult as well. Almost every student and even teachers felt that it a tough topic.

We will first understand what is wrong and then, we will discuss how to deal this chapter with jee physics video lectures.

Main problem of phobia of rotational motion video lectures is due to it’s size. And also that it is not given in details in most of books. It has many concepts like axis of rotation, moment of inertia, angular momentum and many other theorems. To understand all concepts so many problem needs to go through. It is obvious that large number of problems can be framed on it, so it takes times to understand all concepts of rotational motion.

The other reason for toughness this chapter is that it is thought with poor preparation of preceding chapters.
As it is required that concepts of motion, energy and basic maths must be sound before going to study rotational mechanics videos.

It is fact that if you had missed a good point in a chapter you will get all messed up, and it happens with almost everyone in rotational mechanics lessen.

So what is the correct way?

Following this remedy will prevent any miss and missing concepts at bay.

  • First we have do all previous chapter of jee physics lectures like Newtons laws of motion and motion in 1D 2D etc.
  • Also Circular motion, work power and energy must done well.
  • ¬†Basic maths like equation solving and calculus must be perfect.
  • Study of jee physics video lectures of rotational motion care fully step by step,
  • clearing all concepts by problems of every type will be best way.
  • Solve NCERT exercise video of rotational motion from lectures.
  • Then solve JEE mains level problems and then only do past jee problems.

The main aim of the process is to prevent wrong notions and grasp correct extract of the topic. Rotational motion video lecture for physics can be done with best examples only.

Repeating iit jee video lecture of rotational motion can help fortify missed concepts.

Rotational motion physics iit jee video lecture

NCERT Exercise solution rotational jee physics video

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