After reaching 12th standard, students usually find themselves struggling through various subjects. This is due to a sudden increase in the level of difficulty. This is not just the case with one subject, every subject in the new class is overwhelming. One such example is modern physics. There are so many new concepts that are introduced at this time that it is hard for the students to grab them all together. Therefore, there is a need to study systematically. Also, students must have access to good course ware and training at this level. This becomes even more important if the students are preparing for IIT JEE or any other similar entrance examination. In such a case, a student who does not have access to good study material can face a hard time coping up with the JEE syllabus.

To ease off the pressure on students, we have introduced IIT JEE physics video lectures on optics under our IIT JEE modern physics videos series. This video series is aimed at making the modern physics simpler for the students. Students who use these videos for revision will never have to worry about any kind of notes. The IIT JEE physics video lectures on optics contain everything you should know about optics and rays before appearing for the IIT JEE exam. In fact these videos cover the following topics in detail:

Ray Optics: There are many different rays when it comes to physics. It is important that you know about all of them. It is also important that you know how to distinguish between them and explain them to others when required.

Optical Instruments: IIT JEE modern physics videos discuss the optical instruments in great detail. Students who are preparing for engineering entrance examination will absolutely like these videos because of the quality of content in them.

Nuclear Physics: A new chapter that is introduced in physics at this standard is that of nuclear physics. This chapter is highly important from exam point of view. That is why IIT JEE modern physics videos covers them and explains all the terminology in simple words and language. If a student follows these videos for nuclear physics, he cannot simply get confused.

Lens and Mirror formulae and numerical: Numerical form an important part of the IIT JEE physics video lectures on optics. They are highly important for any engineering related examination. In fact, they are important for your school exam as well. Therefore, skipping them is not an option. We understand this and thus, we have created videos to include these as well. The video series has enough videos on numerical related to optics for your practice.

IIT JEE physics video lectures on optics are simple and straight forward. They are easy to follow and best when it comes to revision. Indulging in video lecture ensures that you have all the content you need to score good marks right on your computer screen. These video lectures are fun and interesting to follow. IIT JEE modern physics videos will make you independent and allow you to study at your will without burning a hole in your pocket.