As soon as a student passes class 10th and reaches the next class, chemistry turns a drastic turn. Till now, chemistry was a single subject but moving forward, chemistry is divided into 3 broad categories – physical chemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry. It is important that a student learns all three of them and does not leave anything. If a student follows this approach only then can he pass the exam with good marks. It becomes even more important if your target is to make it into any of the IITs across the nation. Therefore, to help the students learn all three branches of chemistry, we have created a special IIT JEE chemistry online coaching. This online coaching for IIT JEE chemistry has the following characteristics:

  1. It covers all the three branches of chemistry – physical, organic and inorganic. It has explanation of each and every term and concept of all three parts of chemistry. It also covers everything that is important especially from IIT JEE point of view so that students to not get unpleasant surprises during examination.
  2. It is created by the best chemistry lecturers. This has ensured us that the content of the JEE chemistry online coaching is simply top notch. We have not compromised with the quality of course ware included in this online coaching for IIT JEE chemistry.
  3. The course has all the concepts accompanied by suitable examples wherever possible. This makes the learning process fun and interesting for the students. This also makes sure that students are always complete their chapters and homework and do not give up in the middle.
  4.  Free IIT JEE chemistry dvd can also be undertaken by the students as per their schedule. We understand that self-study is important. In fact, it is an important aspect when it comes to clearing the cut off for any engineering entrance examination.

Apart from the mentioned benefits, there are many more advantages of taking up online coaching for IIIT JEE chemistry. Once you will start with it, you will gradually realize these benefits. As stated earlier, IIT JEE chemistry online coaching covers all three parts of chemistry. Here is a quick summary of the three parts and why are they important to study.

  • Physical Chemistry: This is the part of chemistry that includes all the important aspects of chemical equations and atomic structure.
  • Organic Chemistry: This part of chemistry is the most interesting one and covers the nature and compounds of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.
  • Inorganic Chemistry: This part of chemistry deals with other elements of the periodic table and their properties and some advanced concepts.

IIT JEE chemistry coaching covers all these basis and advanced subjects a boost a student’s confidence and will to learn.