IIT JEE examination is one of the hardest examinations that an engineering aspirant can prepare for. Within the examination, physics is one subject that is very important. Although there is no specific written syllabus for physics or any other subject for IIT JEE examination, there are a few chapters that repeat every year and hence have become important. One such chapter that has been repeating a lot in the last few IIT JEE exams is mechanics. Therefore, we have worked hard and created dedicated IIT JEE physics lectures on mechanics. These chapters cover the following topics of mechanics:

Unit and Dimensions: This topic teaches a student everything about the units of measurement and dimensions. There are numerical that deal with understanding how the units of measurements are derived. The chapter also teaches students the relation between units and formulas used to derive the solutions.

Motion in 1 Dimension: This is the simplest kind of motion and one of the easiest chapters in physics. It has the basics of motion and very simple concepts. It also has a few numerical which are easy to solve. It also forms the first step towards learning the advanced concepts of motions.

Newton’s Laws of Motion: This is one of the most important parts of physics. A lot of further chapters and concepts depend on the Newton’s laws of motion. Physics lectures on mechanics cover these laws of motion in great detail. These laws are also explained through appropriate examples. If taught properly, this is one of the most interesting chapters in physics.

Friction: This chapter in general is easy but has a few new concepts. The numerical in this unit are a little hard to understand but once you go through the Physics videos on mechanics, they become relatively easy. Also, the lectures cover the concept of coefficient of friction and practical applications of friction in great detail.

Rotational Motion: This is one of the few chapters in physics that require high degree of concentration and hard work. Video lectures make it easy for the students to understand this. Also, video lectures allow students to proceed with the chapter on their own at their own pace. This chapter also has numerical which require a lot of practice.

Gravitation: Students love gravitation. This chapter is easy but important. This makes gravitation a highly scoring chapter. The physics lectures on Mechanics explain the concept of gravity and other related terms in detail and with excellent examples from day to day life. This approach makes the chapter even easier and interesting.

Work, Energy and Power: Another chapter that has a lot of new terms for a student who has just started with preparations for IIT JEE. Although the concepts are simple and straightforward, the numerical can be tricky. With proper coaching, this chapter can be made simple and interesting.

Apart from these, the JEE physics videos on mechanics include cover many more units in simple and efficient language. They are easy to understand and simple to use. They can help you do well in your JEE physics examination.